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Welcome to the FrozenSpam homepage. Frozen Spam is the ULTIMATE ZERO SPAM solution for Smartermail users and / or administrators.

It uses a proven technology with zero fault and has been designed specifically to fit the need of Smartermail server's administrators.

You can discuss the merits of this method, but if you decide to run with FrozenSpam, then you can either make new profits or enjoy the free time that our product has given you by removing all that time spent dealing with spam.

If you are interested in spam eradication, if you have ever searched for a similar product like Mail In Black, but totally dedicated for your own mail server, then you have reach the right page.


processing spam
or how to stop them

If you're a Smartermail server administrator, you know how painful it can be to avoid all of this garbage commonly known as spam.

Smartermail from Smartertools is by far
the best mail server
in the world!

Yes, that's true, even their anti spam settings are very very optimized, especially if you follow some useful guides which you can find on their forums. However, even with everything set correctly, some users still receive tons of spam...

Download now FrozenSpam, the definitive anti spam solution





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Spam facts

As a quick note, you'll find here some very recent facts about spam:


  • Spam in 2013 is nearly 70% of the all email traffic

    Spam cost around 10 billion yearly for US businesses

    Spam cost over 500 million yearly for ISPs in bandwidth

    Spam cost around 1000 per year per employee

    Spam is also a possible security breach for computers



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